Mortgage financing has become very complex with constantly changing rates, terms and conditions. Choosing the mortgage that is best suited to your special needs has never been more difficult. Banks, Trust and Insurance Companies are continually inventing new mortgage products to capture your attention, and hopefully your business. In addition, ensuring that you get the best possible rate and product depends on aggressively shopping the mortgage marketplace. Often a mortgage lender's posted rate may not be it's best rate. You may be able to qualify for a rate reduction, but not know it. A mortgage consultant will also look at the rest of your debt obligations and determine if they can be restuctured to lower your interest costs.

In this industry we are constantly updated on rate changes and new products being introduced in the market so you can choose from the widest range of options and obtain the most competitive rate and best product. Our extensive network of Financial Institutions has enabled many clients to obtain savings averaging from 3/4 % to 1.0 % below posted lender rates.

Leslie Allingham - Agent
(License Number M08002226)

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